Aqua Dyn’s history rests in a different ethic; that of The Gift of pure and living Water.

“Thaneer Pandal” is an ancient Indian Vedic and Dravidian concept, which means “The Gift of Water”; the very basis of a human and humane society.

Established in Universal Township of Auroville, located in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Aqua Dyn – Auroville is a company that specializes in treatment of drinking water. Recognizing the importance of the global problem of potable water, and more specifically the treatment thereof, Aqua Dyn – Auroville aims to produce pure, clean and “living” water beneficial to good health.

Aqua Dyn’s Charter reads like a Charter for a Company of the 3rd millennium whose soul aim is directed towards improvement of human health. Health means the essential well being of a person and is the fundamental right of every person.

“When light is unified with water, it creates pure Life”

Thus it is with Sun and Water; their union is the gift of the Life and Pure Beauty.

Aqua Dyn believes that we can build our future on this example – with the gift of living water and in gratitude for this exchange, let us find our joy.